Festival de les Arts

Festival de les Arts

7 y 8 de Junio '24
Ciutat de les arts i les ciències, València

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If you have any issue related to subscriptions, please access the following link.

Work with us.

If you want to work with us at Festival de les Arts register by clicking on the button and apply for the job you are most interested in.


If you have a food stand and want to participate in the festival, click here.


You can request a press pass for your media to cover the festival at the following link.


Problems with tickets.

Contact Enterticket through this link and they will solve your doubts or incidences as soon as possible.

I have not received my subscription.

Once the purchase is completed you will receive an email with the purchase confirmation but you will not be able to download the subscription until you have completed the nomination of the same following the steps that you will find in the confirmation email or on the official website.

– You have 20 days from the date of purchase to nominate your subscription for free, once this period is over it will cost 20€.

– If you made a mistake when you entered your email address when purchasing your season tickets, please contact Enterticket at the link below and they will help you as soon as possible.

– If you bought your season ticket outside the official channels (Festival de les Arts and Enterticket) we can not ensure that they are valid and that you can access the festival until the festival starts, that same season ticket may have been sold hundreds of times.

Nominative tickets

Festival de les Arts season tickets are nominative, so the validation of the wristbands will check that the name on the wristbands corresponds to the person, denying access if the information does not correspond.

If you do not make the name change.

In case you want to change the name on any of the subscriptions you can do it for free during the first 20 days from the purchase of the subscription. After the deadline, the name change will have a cost of 20€.

The name change process will be as follows:

– The purchaser of the season tickets must click here.

– Enter the ticket identification number and the e-mail address of the new assistant.

– The new attendee will receive an e-mail where he/she will have to enter his/her data and finalize the name change by paying the price of the subscription + name change (free of charge within the first 20 days of purchase).

– The previous season tickets will be invalidated and the new attendee will receive new ones.

– The original purchaser will receive a refund of the subscription price at the end of the month.

Shipping of wristbands.

This year all Festival de les Arts wristbands will be sent to the address provided in the season ticket nomination. A single shipment will be made to the purchaser of the credit notes with the total amount of wristbands purchased during the purchase process.

The mailing of wristbands will begin in January and will end in the weeks prior to the start of the festival.


– Children under 9 years of age may enter the festival free of charge accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and must present the signed authorization for minors together with their ID card at the festival.

– Minors under 16 years of age must enter the venue with their parent or legal guardian and present the signed authorization for minors together with their ID card at the festival.

– Minors who are 16 or 17 years old must present at the festival the authorization for minors signed by the father, mother or legal guardian along with their ID card.

Validity of entries.

The organization is only responsible for tickets purchased through official Festival de les Arts channels. (https://www.festivaldelesarts.com/ or Enterticket). The organization warns that the purchase of season tickets outside the official channels is a risk for the attendee, who could be acquiring duplicate or false tickets that would deny access to the festival. The organization will perform electronic validation of the wristbands, denying access to any wristband that has been previously validated or purchased outside the official channels of the festival (Festival de les Arts or Enterticket) or in which the name on the wristband does not match the name of the person presenting it.

Cashless bracelet.

Cashless technology.

This year the Festival de les Arts wristbands will feature cashless technology, an electronic payment system in which users can add money to the chip that comes in the wristband to make all payments, which are allowed, of the festival with your wristband without having to go through the ticket booth.

In addition, you can make online recharges before entering the festival to avoid queues through the official website (using the code on the ticket) and you can also make online recharges when you are inside the festival through the official website (as long as the coverage allows it) using the code that appears behind the chip on the wristband.

Wristband payments.

This year all payments for the festival will be made through the cashless wristband, so drinks, food and any other service will be paid through this method.

Linking of the bracelet.

To link your wristband to your cashless account, just scan the QR code on the wristband and you will be able to recharge money and check your balance as often as you want.

Recharge of services on the bracelet.

When purchasing any of the services on sale, such as the Promo Drink, you must enter the code of your wristband and this will be charged directly to the wristband when you activate it.

Refund of remaining balance.

The application period will be from 09:00h on Wednesday, June 12 until 23:59h on Wednesday, June 19. The return request has a 3€ handling fee. The amounts given away and promotions are non-refundable.

Refund of leftover Promo Drink.

The free products (glass or beer/refreshments) when purchasing your Promo Drink are non-refundable and must be consumed during the festival.

Promo recharge.

What is Promo recarga?

Recharge your wristband and get FREE extra money to spend in bars and restaurants.

Use of the money in the bracelet.

This year all payments for the festival will be made through the cashless wristband, so drinks, food and any other service will be paid through this method.

Promo recharge between several people.

You can buy the Promo Recharge among several people, but the amount will be charged on the wristband of one of them and cannot be divided among several wristbands.

Collection location.

The promotion will be charged directly to your festival wristband when you enter the code during the purchase process. When the wristband is activated it will automatically count with the amount recharged and the glass or 2 beers/refreshments of the promotion.

Refund of excess bracelet.

The application period will be from 00:00h on Wednesday, June 12 until 23:59h on Tuesday, June 18. The return request has a 3€ handling fee. The extra promotional money is non-refundable and will be the last to be consumed.

Festival de les Arts.

Wristband collection schedule.

This year all bracelets are shipped home. Wristbands will be shipped starting January 2024, you will receive your tracking link from TIPSA on the day of shipment.

Hours of access to the site.

Coming soon.

Concert schedule.

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Info point/lost items.

The site has an information and customer service booth where lost objects can also be deposited and collected. Once the festival is over, all these objects will be delivered to the museum of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Violet/rainbow dot.

The concert venue has a purple/rainbow point with the aim of preventing and acting against sexist aggressions and aggressions against the LGTBIQ+ collective.

Food and beverages.

No food or drink may be brought into the festival’s concert venue. In different areas of the site you will find food stalls and bars where you can buy food and drinks.

We have a specialized bar with gluten-free and non-alcoholic beer.

Dangerous objects.

It is forbidden to enter the premises with sharp, glass, metallic, throwing, flammable or blunt objects. Aerosols are also not allowed, as they are flammable objects. At the entrance there will be a security check for everyone’s safety. We ask for your maximum collaboration.

Access will be allowed with creams in plastic jars and folding umbrellas.


The concert venue has several green points for garbage disposal. Please use them for the good of all.

Chemical services.
There will be chemical toilets distributed throughout the concert venue. Remember that we will all make use of them, so try to leave the service as you would like to find it.