Festival de les Arts

7 y 8 de Junio '24
Ciutat de les arts i les ciències, València

Buying Guide

If you have any doubts about the purchase process, you can consult the following purchasing guide:

In order to continue improving your experience, we want to make the most of all the possibilities that technology has to offer. In the last two editions we introduced the cashless system, now we are going one step further. We are going to explain in a very simple way how this new procedure is going to be, so that you have all the detailed information and there is no room for doubts.

Thursday, September 15 at 12:00h: Festival de les Arts 2023 season tickets go on sale, as well as the rest of the products listed below:

a. General Season Ticket: From 30€ + expenses.
b. VIP Pass: From 65€ + expenses.
c. Drink Promo: You pay 50€ + expenses and your wristband will be charged 60€ (10€ free) to spend in the bars of the festival.

Remember that each price has a quota of subscriptions associated with it; as they run out, the price will change automatically. Demand is very high, so sometimes it can change very quickly.

The same person can purchase up to a maximum of 6 subscriptions, and the buyer will need the following information to successfully complete the purchase process:

– Name and surname only of the purchaser.
– Buyer’s e-mail address only.
– Date of birth of the buyer only.

Once the buyer has made the purchase, an email will be sent to the email address provided confirming that your subscriptions have been successfully purchased.

In order to officially have the season tickets, each ticket purchased must be personalized with the data of each attendee.

A link will be provided in the purchase confirmation e-mail from where the buyer will be able to personalize each subscription with the data of each attendee and this can be done from October 1 to October 20 free of charge. Personalizing subscriptions outside this period or making any change of data after October 20 or after 20 days from the date of purchase will incur an extra cost of 20€.

It is important to remember that general season tickets and VIP tickets are nominative. Each ticket must have the name and surname of the person attending the festival. At the event we will check that the information on the ticket matches the ID card, and if it does not match, you will have to pay 20€ for the change. The drink promotion is not nominative.

Starting October 1, you will have 20 days to customize your subscriptions free of charge. In this case, the following information will be requested from each attendee:

1. Name and surname of each attendee
2. E-mail address of each attendee
3. Date of birth of each attendee
4. Telephone number of each attendee
5. Zip/Postal Code

Once the customization is complete, tickets will be sent to each attendee’s email address.

Yes. You can click on the ‘Manage your ticket’ button that you will see in the purchase confirmation email, and add them from there.

If you want to make a change of data once the subscription has been nominated, you can do it through the link “change of name” that will be enabled on the official website, paying the extra 20€. Once the change of data has been made, you will have to send the changed subscription to the new assistant yourself.

On the day of the event, you must present your printed or mobile day pass/ticket, along with your ID, and we will give you the wristband. Stay tuned to our website and social networks to find out when you can pick up your wristband.

Once inside the venue, all you have to do is enjoy the magic of Les Arts to the fullest.