Buy your Promo Drink limited. Only now we give you 10€ for free.

Available until 07/06 or while supplies last.

→ Buy 50€ in beverages

→ We include an extra 10€ in the bracelet.

→ Do not queue

Buy 50€ + gg and you will get 10€ more free to spend on drinks.

You must link the Promo Drink with your Subscription.

Remember: Once you receive the ticket for this add-on, you must link it to your subscription from this panel.

*If you have purchased this add-on in the purchase process of your season ticket or day ticket, it is already linked.

As many as you want! You will be able to add them from your customization panel.

Yes, if you buy 2 Promo Drinks, you will have 120€ to spend on drinks. You just got 20€ free to spend on drinks.

No, the Promo Drink is exclusively for the consumption of drinks at the bars of the festival.

* All festival bars operate with 100% Cashless wristband systems.
* The amount of the Promo Drink can only be used in the consumption of drinks at the bars of the festival, and can not be used in catering or make any other payment.
* Promotional amounts are non-refundable. The money left over from your wristband can be requested during the period after the festival, except for the management fees and promotional amounts not consumed, which are spent after the non-promotional part has been consumed.
* The Promo Drink is an extra service, it does not include access to the festival. You must purchase your season ticket or day ticket separately.